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Item # 7560 MICROWAVE
In-line tunnel microwave, Continuous controllable
Previous application used for chips and bread production.
Manufactured by FRICKE UND MALLAH (Germany)
With 40 separate microwave generators down the length of the tunnel, each 1kw. (40kw total)
Frequency under use : f = 2450 MHz
# of IR-Temperature measuring units : 3 units
Voltage : 400 V AC, 230 VAC, 50 Hz
Total performance : max. 50 kVA
containing 4 modules of 10 micro wave ovens of 1KW .  and a water cooler system COOLMASTER K-004.7 with GRUNDFOS CH2-60 pump,
large RITTAL control panel / cupboard with description and SIEMENS touchscreen Simatic Multi Panel. Size machine 2 x 12 meter.

Manufactured by MIWE (Michael Wenz Gmbh)
Double Rotating Rack Oven & Proover,
Type RI 2.0608-TL, (Roll-In)
400/230volts, 50Hz, 3Phase, 3.5Kw.
It has the fully programmable interface controls, currently with Oil Burner
It takes 2 x 600 x 800 racks or other combinations.
Model GR Proover also takes 2 x 600 x 800 racks.

Item # 7529 TUNNEL OVEN
Manufactured by IMAFORNI
Year of manufacture 2009 / upgraded year 2015
used to bake biscuits
- Combined continuous Gas Heated Oven
1.2m wide steel band belt
12 m Direct Gas Heated with no. 1 temperature control zones 15 m Direct Convection Heated with no. 1 combustion group and no. 1 temperature control zone 12 m Direct Convection Heated with no. 1 combustion group and no. 1 temperature control zone upgrade was made in year 2015. Weishaupt burners in the Convection Heated Zone Steel band conveyor,
Scraper blades for band cleaning
Feed end 5,260 mm  Delivery end 5,700 mm
Steel band automatic tracking device
Total length 39m
Item # 7265 TUNNEL OVEN
Manufactured by CIPA
gas fired,
2450mms wide belt x 25metres long,
infeed entry height into oven of 110mms.
Steel Mesh Belt,
variable speed,
4 x roasting zones, 2 x Weishaupt WG30 burners




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