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Item # 7568 BAGGING LINE, vertical form fill seal
Packaging Line for bags of product by weight or quantity, last being used for dry petfood snack products,
including EFM MACHINERY Product Hopper/Bucket Elevator Feeder, Type OVB, Feeding product into a WARD BEKKER 8-Head stainless steel Multi-Head Weigher, was being used for weight range 70 to 200grammes (but could go higher, up to 5Kgs with multi drops). This is weighing product into another EFM Machinery Bucket Elevator Feeding Conveyor, Type KNB, which is taking the product then into the BOSCH SVB-3600A Bagging Machine, with PEC, possible for packing with CO2, euroslot, SIEMENS Simatic PLC control Panel, Outfeed Conveyor, Rotary Turntable, Also including a HACHMANG Volumetric Feeder/Counter, Type DDS31, feeding into the BOSCH Bagger so you can also fill bags by quantity of product (not just by weight), which is fed by a separate EFM MACHINERY Elevator Feeder/Conveyor System.



Item # 7530 (2) BAGGING LINES, vertical form fill seal, could be sold separately
Manufactured by AppecAstro (Czech)
Each line comprising
Infeed conveyor
Multihead weigher Model EKVM 16/2s.
Model BSV 04 CO high performance vertical packaging machine
Maximal output of the machine 160 bags/ minute



Item # 7475 BAGGING MACHINE vertical form fill seal
Manufactured by SANDIACRE
Model TG400LX
stainless steel machine
electrically upgraded including ALLEN BRADLEY Controls.
Polyheating system,
air shaft for material, additional heat seal conversion,
Also with MARKEM SmartDate 2 Coder
Rated at up to 60 bags per minute,
bag size range of 120 to 400mms wide, maximum length of 500mms on a single pull.



Item # 7470 - BAGGING LINE vertical form fill seal
Compact bagging line
INTROPACK single head linear weigher. Type Galaxy. Model RS20-11S.
Weight Range 10g to 2000g.
GKS PACKAGING bagging machine model EP200-BB
Bag width 75mm to 220mm
Up to 18 packs per minute
Foot pedal control
230v, 50hz, 1ph



Item # 7469 BAGGING LINE,

vertical form fill seal
Complete packing line for Quadro Bags, Pillow Bags, Gusseted Bags
Manufactured by MARMAK (Turkey)
Includes product infeed conveyor
Multi-head Weigher model VMHT-10+10 (20 head), weight range up to 3000g
Bagging machine model H5 250Q 20T.
with photocell for printed film, with ICE Zodiac HS coder, Siemens PLC,
Depending on product up to 180 bags per minute
pillow bag size range - Bag length 50mm to 400mm : Bag width 70mm to 260mm.

Quadro bag size range - 55mm to 180mm wide x 45mm to 120mm deep x 100mm to 350mm high
Includes product outfeed conveyor
Includes gantry with steps



Item # 7459 BAGGING LINE vertical form fill and seal
Belt conveyor with hopper feeding product into
EASIWEIGH Twin Head Linear Weigher
GAINSBOROUGH Vertical Bagging Machine,



Manufactured by PENTAVAC (Italy)
Model Penta 4000,
with SIEMENS S7 200 PLC



Item # 7395 BAGGING LINE, vertical form fill seal
Previously being used to pack nuts & dried snacks into pillow packs,
Infeed hopper, Swan neck Elevated conveyor
Zhongshan JW-A 10 Stainless Steel Multi Head Weigher x 10 buckets Range 10g to 800g
Ecompack W1040A10, Vertical Form Fill Bagging Machine VFFS, Forming tube range: L = 70 - 240mm and W = 70 - 190mm.
Max film width = 300mms.
Packs 20 - 70 bags / min depending on materials.
Photo electronic eye for packing on pre-printed film as well as clear film. and with EIDOS Swing Thermal Transfer Printer, colour printing direct onto the film/bags. JOYPACK Joy-5-1 Outfeed conveyor.



Item # 7385 BAGGING LINE

(vertical form fill seal)
suitable for both Stabilo & Pillow type bags,
With :
YAMATO 14-Head SS Weigher, Model ADW-514A, weight range from 4 to 500grammes, up to 120 drops per minute,
WOLF Bagging Machine, Model VCI-180, 
Including ALLEN Hot Foil Coding Unit, Model Super Compact Power Pack 8540,
also including Frame/Gantry, Hopper & Feeding Conveyor.



Item # 7337 BAGGING LINE vertical form fill seal
POSIWEIGH Euroweigh 661 Twin Lane Linear Weigher with new control box.
GAINSBOROUGH GV25 Vertical Form, Fill & Seal Machine, producing a pillow pack style bag, sizes ranging from 50 to 175mms wide x 50 to 250mms long.
Current forming tube included will produce a 130mms wide bag.
DOMINO V100 Thermal Transfer Printer & Bracket, and Outfeed Conveyor.



Item # 7270 BAGGING MACHINE, vertical form fill seal
Manufactured by UVA-BUTLER
Series 4 Bagging Machine,
Model B4-220,
Year 2015, in excellent, full working, like new condition -only 57 working hours
400volts, 50/60Hz,
small footprint & height,
intermittent motion.
Suitable for bag widths 50 to 220mm, and bag lengths up to 400mms,
maximum film width of 470mms.
Currently set up for standard pillow type bags,
last being used on bags 120mms wide x 185mms long (forming part included).
Rated at up to 120bags per minute,
machine was previously running in a confectionery factory.
Including also exit conveyor and HERMA 400 Labeller



Item # 6911 (4) BAGGING MACHINES (vertical form fill seal) available separately

Manufactured by IMANPACK

Model MFW 2000

suitable for packaging a variety of products, using pre-folded polyethylene film.

Fitted with polyethylene jaws

up to 15 bag/minute

Product width : up to 180 mm

Product length : up to 100 mm

Product height : up to 100 mm

Product weight : up to 10 Kg

Bag size : Width: min 80 mm - max 270 mm   Length: min 40 mm - max 240 mm (doubled to 500 mm with double vertical welding)

Film reel core diameter : 76 mm

Film reel outer diameter : fino a 350 mm

Film reel width : pre-folded max 300 mm - 600 mm flat

Film reel max weight : up to 25 Kg

Wrapping material : PP (heat sealing) or PE (polythene)




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