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used to pack cartons of dry petfood
Volumetric filler with vertical cartonner
Manufactured by MINGOZZI
Type 1004
Format area (depending on specific weight of your bulk good) from app.400 gr. until 2000gr.
After that control weigher (with tendency regulation and feedback to the volumetric dosage weigher after request).
Hot glue unit for carton closing
Still installed and in good working condition
Siemens S7 SPS plc installed
also available with metal detector and checkweigher
Manufactured by CURTI
Used for packing confectionery
Model 1001 DX. 300 version
Nominal speeds 200 per minute this machine was running at 110 per minute
Hot melt sealing top flaps even, bottom flaps tucked in. Blank dimensions 30 to 70mm x 15 to 40mm x 70 to 150mm

Item # 7481 CARTONNER
Manufactured by RACUPACK
Intermittent motion horizontal cartonner - End Loading. Model RTI-Catamaran,
including Glue Unit, rated at up to about 50 cartons per minute (depending on product & size).

Item # 7426 CARTONNER
Manufactured by KHS (USA)
Autoload Cartonner Model IMC-SM
- Allen Bradley controls.
- Servo motors.
- Nordson ProBlue 7 glue system.
- 2 head rotary carton feeder. Bucket infeed.
- Includes 3 collators which counted 6 pouches and feed the bucket infeed which were then loaded into the cartoner.
Item # 7425 CARTONNER
Manufactured by BRADMAN LAKE
Model SL-3000 Intermittent Motion Cartonner, standard model, 12inch pitch, up to 40 cartons per minute,
including NORDSON Glue Unit, Type 3100V-2EAV2D/R.
Item # 7250 CARTONNER
Manufactured by JACOB WHITE Model R300
Semi-Automatic Cartonner, Continuous motion horizontal, End load cartons
Will Automatically Erect and Present a Carton for Hand Insertion of a product then Apply Hot Melt Adhesive for Carton Sealing. NB. GLUE UNIT IS NOT INCLUDED
Type R315, 15inch pitch
Upgraded with UNITRONICS Vision 230 PLC controls. 4-chain conveyor
Length: 108 - 355mm between flaps
Width: 44 - 250mm Height: 50 - 120mm
Speed: 20 - 90 cartons per minute. adjustable with no additional parts  . 415volt, 3phase





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