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For processing shelled walnut kernels and whole walnuts
Manufactured by AMB (France)
Nut receiving, calibrating, cracking, shell removal, shelling, sorting.
Cracking processing up to 5000 KG 12 hours
Description of the Items Cracking processing up to 5000 KG 12 hours
Attentional Cracker from Kiev Elevator and conveyor
up 600 Kg Per hour EMPTY SHELL REMOVAL BLOWER 1500It
processes up to 3000 kg of walnuts/hour. SEPARATING MACHINE AFTER CRACKER (SHELLING MACHINE)
It separated the remain of shell from the kernel Empty shell removal blower 3100
It processes up to 3000 kg of walnuts/hour. Stainless-steel inspection table transporter
Removed fruits are placed in two lateral casings or in the movable chute.
Sound fruits continue down to the chute placed at the end of the table. Additional sorting Table from Kiev
Three meters long Vibrating sizing sieve for walnut kernels
` 3 standard calibers (nut standard: 1 oblong grid 12/40 mm, 2 round grids 13 mm and 18 mm + one extra oblong grid 14/40 mm)
Calibration area: 250X550 mm under the strip for a good strip centering
` Electric vibrator driving
Continuous working Vacuum Packing Machine
Capacity up 3 MT 12 Hours Vacuum Bags up to 4000 pieces Walnuts in Shell calibrating cylindrical sizing sieve C37
Calibrating Up to 5 Ton p34 day all sizes
Clean walnuts in the shell from debris
Sizes (28.30.32,34) excellent. Commercial Refrigerator with a storage capacity of 40 Ton
Has an excellent door with lock and shade, light 300 + pallets Six working table Walnuts kernel dyer closet Worker chairs 40 pieces Other tools (full range of workers tools) microwave heat van. Office desk, chairs, money counting machine






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